Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indian Sculpture Park

The Indian Sculpture Park at Victoria's Way near Roundwood, Co Wicklow is a privately owned property with an amazing collection of 12 stone carvings, four bronzes and a 30-tonne gate sculpted by Indian artists.

The sculptures were dreamt up and sketched in Roundwood by the Park's owner, Victor Langheld and were made in Mahabalipuram, India by the sculptor T. Baskaran and the stucco artist, D.V. Murugan. The Park covers an area of 22 unspoilt acres where you can wander along the many pathways marked by obscure signposts and dotted with random sculptures.

On entering the park you encounter 9 black granite carvings of the Hindu deity Ganesh ranging in size from 5ft 6 ins to 9 ft and weighing between 2 and 5 tonnes.

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