Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indian Sculpture Park VII

This is the last post from our visit to the wonderful and amazing Indian Sculpture Park at Victoria's Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow and today we look at the 30 ft sculpture, located in it's own park, entitled Create or Die which represents the belief that "creating difference is spiritual, i.e. life giving" and that "abiding in sameness is un-spiritual, i.e.life denying."  Click here for a more comprehensive explanation from the Sculpture Park's owner and creator Victor Langheld.

So that's it - we finish with a picnic in the park surrounded by some of the more randomly placed sculptures.  All this for the princely sum of € 2.50 (a little more than 3 bucks!). The Park is open daily from 12.30 pm till 18.00 pm, May 1st to September 12th.

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