Monday, August 16, 2010

Indian Sculpture Park VI

 The marathon post/visit continues at Victoria's Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow. This magnificent 15ft bronze of ‘the Buddha-to-be suppressing the urge to life’ represents the ascetic (or ‘wilderness’, or ‘Dark Night’) phase through which all wanderers pass. For the full dissertation click here.

 The bronze is a copy of a 2ft stone Gandhara (Roman provincial) period sculpture carved in the 1st century AD in what is now Pakistan.

And yes, it's good to talk!


Caroline said...

Amazing - quite harsh!

Hilda said...

This is the most unusual Buddha that I have ever seen. And is that a cellphone at his back?? And a satellite dish too. :D

Michael said...

Hilda: Yeah, it sure is a cellphone - it's a copy of a 1st century sculpture with some modern touches!

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