Monday, March 28, 2011

Did You Know?

Well, the dogs on the street know!  The dog on the left looks wistfully back at this old and romantic picture of Greystones Harbour on the newly erected hoarding around the development.

Since our last visit back in November for the Developer's Open Day, everything has come to a halt and all plant, machinery and workers removed from the site.  We're now in NAMA-NAMA land - well,  NAMA, the National Asset Management Agency, now own the development loans for the project. The developers, SISPAR, have presented a business plan to NAMA for funding of the next phase, namely, the medical centre, 11 apartments, a car park and five community structures.  How this pans out will determine whether or not the hoarding could be removed and partial access to the harbour area allowed although some more work is needed before the harbour and piers are safe for the public.

In the meantime, because it's still a building site the hoarding has to stay, but we do have access to the main slipway!

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