Friday, June 25, 2010


A new definition of the quality of being exciting, vigorous, or attractive, previously associated with a certain French footballer, has surely been passed on to Piet Vroon and his crew of Tonnere de Breskens who were first over the line at the Round Ireland Yacht Race, arriving in the early hours (far too uncivilised an hour for your blogger to record the event graphically!) of Thursday morning.  

Although Piet, who was taken to hospital for treatment on Saturday night, could not take part, it is now almost certain that Tonnere de Breskens is the Overall Winner and, although we await confirmation of the result, we provisionally extend our congratulations to the winning team. 

Here are some photos from the East Pier, Thursday:

An eerie silence was evident on the East Pier this evening while we awaited the arrival of overall second placed Inis Mor, but gradually a small crowd gathered to greet Bernard Gouy's boat which eventually crossed the finish line at 19:38 cheered on by the crew of Tonnere, although some of that team still needed their beauty sleep!

Across the line:

A lot done, more to do:

The future's bright:

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